About me

Hi, I’m Hellen, the voice behind CakeShowCase Lab Blog, I’m IT a engineer who is absolutely fascinated for all aspects of the kitchen, and bake cakes are my favourite. That’s right, I’m a nerd how loves cooking!

I have a philosophy in life that cooking is necessary, eating more. Different from what you can imagine, it is not one of those picky people when it comes to eating, open to trying new flavours all the time, however, for me If it’s to eat, let’s do it right, agree?

I proudly Brazilian immigrant who lives and works at the great city of Vancouver in the Beautiful British Columbia, and since I was little I always have this passion for cooking that which I heritage from my mom, after this big change on my life moving from Brazil to Canada, which made this bound with the kitchen even stronger, since being in the kitchen baking and cooking was my way to reconnect with roots and also an opportunity to gathering my friends together enjoying my sweet treats, and for sure the most satisfying part of making any dish or one of my cakes creations is sharing it with friends, so I started blogging to bring what I make to all of you in order to help you prepare amazing recipes for the people in your life.


Cake. Showcase Lab  is a journey into my love relationship with baking, all aspect of cake decorating, cheesse cake and  cupcakes. Through my website, cakeshowcaselab.com, you will  find amazing sweet treats recipes, baking tips, and Cake decorating tips , either delevopred by myself or some great recipes ideas from greats chefs and food content creators. that I love.

I experiment with all of my recipes at least once before shared with my readers, because I like to provide valuable tips and content. I shameless to say that I don’t have professional culinary training and every time when I try a new recipe is very valuable learning experiencing.

Let’s keep  contact

I hope you enjoy your time here on my blog and find a easy recipe (or a few) that become family favorites. If you have any questions, comments, recipe requests, or are interested in working with me please contact me